Where is the money going to?

All our profits go directly towards the Islamic Society of Greater Houston and the Refugee Services of Texas.


Are we trustworthy?

We are a certifying organization through the Presidential Volunteer Service Award and are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity certified through the IRS. Being 501(c)(3) certified means that all donations are tax deductible. More information on our partnered page  Aim to Aid website.


How do I return damaged/unwanted items?

At the top of the website there should be a button labeled "Accounts". Click on it and log into it with the email address you used for your order. From there you can select which item(s) you want to return and fill out the forms.'


Where are your clothes sourced from?

Our clothes come from Printify and Printful, which source them ethically through smaller and sustainably driven design companies from around the globe. The designs are all original and made by our small team of 2.

Meet the creators

Logan Nguyen Hammel (right) and Fahad Albadri (left) are longtime friends who combined their passions to create Crescentwear. Together they are dedicated to bringing you high-quality and sustainable apparel while supporting causes close to their hearts. Fahad being Muslim and Middle Eastern and the two already being a part of AIM to AID, Crescentwear seemed like the perfect extension of their efforts to assist Muslim refugees and making fashion a force for good.